Cheapest top 5 plans of BSNL, get 2GB data and free calling every day!

Cheapest top 5 plans of BSNL, BSNL has many such plans which come at a lower price. This plan is great for those users who need the best benefits in a plan with a short day’s validity and that too at a low price. Also, this plan is also a very good option to keep the BSNL number active. Before that, we Cheap recharge plans of Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Have given you information about. Let us further tell you everything about BSNL’s low price top 5 plan.

Cheapest top 5 plans of BSNL

49 rupees plan

In this special tariff of BSNL, users are being given a total of 2 GB of data. Not only this, but the validity of this plan is also 28 days. Apart from this, along with 100 free SMS in recharges, 100 free minutes are also being offered for calling. After the free minutes are over, a charge of 45 paise per minute will be charged.

BSNL Postpaid plan rs525 rs725 data unlimited voice call offer in hindi

78 rupees plan

In this plan, 2GB data is available every day. The validity of this plan is only 10 days, according to which the total data received in the phone becomes 20 GB. Speed ​​will slow down on spending 2GB of data. This plan has unlimited calling (250 minutes every day) in a day. Eros Now subscription is free for a week in this plan.

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94 rupee plan

The company’s Plan Advance 94 is giving 100 minutes of free calling with a total of 3 GB of data. The free calling offered by the company can be availed on home and roaming networks. At the same time, it also includes Delhi and Mumbai circles. Also, free calls and 3GB data benefits received in these plans have to be eliminated within 90 days. After the free calling benefit is over, this plan will be charged at the rate of Rs 1 per minute for local calls and Rs 1.3 per minute for STD calls.

95 rupees plan

Talking about BSNL Plan Advance 95, it also has data and free calling benefits. Another special feature of these plans of Rs 95 is that free caller tune is being offered for 60 days. At the same time, 100 minutes of free calling is being given with 3 GB of data. After the free calling minutes are over, this plan will have to pay Rs 0.02 per second for local calls and Rs 0.024 for STD calls. The company informed that 80 paise for local SMS and Rs 1.2 for STD SMS will be charged in both plans.

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Rs 97 plan

In this plan of BSNL, customers are being given 2 GB mobile data every day. At the same time, unlimited calling is available on all networks in the recharge. Apart from this, 100 SMS are also being given to customers every day. Apart from this, the validity of the plan is 18 days. In this way, customers get a total of 36GB of data.

Note: All the top 5 plans mentioned above can be recharged on the UP West number. If you are thinking of recharging any of these numbers, then please do a check once as the plans of BSNL are launched according to the circle.

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