This is the fastest 5G speed in the country, full movie download will happen in a blink of an eye

The fifth generation 5G support of connectivity of the Internet world has now come to India along with the world. However, 5G connectivity does not exist in India right now. Telecom company Jio is trying hard to bring 5G to India, due to which the company has successfully tested its 5G technology in the US. At the same time, the latest report has been released by the industry tracker Open Signal, which lists the countries that have topped the 5G download speed. However, it does not name India. But, if you are curious to know which country has won it, then further information has been given.

According to Open Signal, the average 5G internet speed in Saudi Arabia is 377.2Mbps, allowing full HD movie and heavy data to be downloaded in a few seconds. This is followed by South Korea, where the average 5G internet speed is around 336.1 megabits per second (Mbps). Coming to the second position of South Korea, users get the fastest average internet speed in Saudi Arabia. Read also: Jio exhibits strength, successful testing of 5G technology, Jio 5G phone will come soon

From July 1 to September 28, OpenSignal tested 5G Internet speeds in 15 countries around the world, which found that South Korea was in second position after Saudi Arabia. See below which number of which country was in 5G download speed.

1. Saudi Arabia
2. South Korea
3. Australia
4. Taiwan
5. Spain
6. Kuwait
7. Canada
8. Italy
9. Thailand
10. Switzerland
11. UK
12. Hong Kong
13. Germany
14. Netherlands
15. USA
Vivo NEX 5G displayed at media event with Snapdragon 855 in hindi

5G accessibility

According to the latest report, 37 per cent in Saudi Arabia, 27.7 per cent in Kuwait, 94.9 per cent in Thailand and 22.9 per cent in Hong Kong are getting 5G network access. Currently, there are about 87 lakh 5G mobile accounts in South Korea, many of which were connected to the network last month. Read also: Also read: Jio showcased power, successful testing of 5G technology, Jio 5G phone will come soon

india first 5g phone iQOO 3 launching in india on 25 february qualcomm snapdragon 865
Redmi phone
5G service will be launched in India soon

Indian telecom company Reliance Jio had talked about testing of 5G in India at its 43rd AGM this year. At the same time, as we told you earlier, Jio has successfully tested 5G in the US with Qualcomm. 5G speeds up to 1Gbps have been achieved in this test. Not only this, Jio is also preparing to bring the cheapest 5G smartphone in India, which has been leaking news for a long time.

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